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Visit a family member in Juvenile Hall

Get help visiting a family member, either in person or virtually.

There are three ways to visit. All visitors must be pre-approved by the young person’s assigned Deputy Probation Officer. 

Juvenile Hall is located in the Juvenile Justice Center at 375 Woodside Avenue in San Francisco.

The Juvenile Justice Center also houses San Francisco's Secure Youth Treatment Facility. All instructions on this page apply to both Juvenile Hall and the Secure Youth Treatment Facility. 

If you need help scheduling a visit, please call 415-753-7800.


Virtual visits


Virtual visit appointments are available seven days a week

Appointments for virtual video visits can be scheduled by contacting Juvenile Hall at 415-753-7500

Young people housed in the New Admissions Quarantine Unit and Medical Isolation Unit receive virtual visits until medically cleared.

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Family visiting hours (in person)


Every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday (no appointment necessary)

In person family visiting hours take place at Juvenile Hall every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. For the schedule, please contact Juvenile Hall at 415-753-7500

All visitors must be pre-approved by the assigned Deputy Probation Officer, and must present a valid Identification Card upon request (such as a driver's license or passport).

All visitors are required to pass through metal detectors to enter the building.

Food and beverages are strictly prohibited at this time.

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Special family visits (in person)


By appointment only

A special family visit outside of normal family visiting hours may be requested by contacting the assigned Deputy Probation Officer. The assigned Deputy Probation Officer will help plan the visit.

Special family visits take place at Juvenile Hall by appointment only.

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Last updated January 31, 2024