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Operate a mobile food facility on private property

Apply to set up your mobile food facility on private property, such as a parking lot.


Set up your business

Before you apply for operating permits, you should

  • File your business name.
  • Get a tax ID.
  • Register your commissary address as your business address.
  • Obtain a business registration from the Tax Collector.
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Get zoning approval

To operate a mobile food facility on private property, you must have temporary use authorization from the Planning Department.

Get a temporary use permit.

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Confirm construction requirements

Your mobile food facility must be inspected after construction is finished.

View construction requirements for mobile food facilities.

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Apply for a health permit


Application fee varies.

To apply for a health permit to operate, provide:

  • Proof of safety requirements
    • food safety certifications
    • fire department inspection
  • Commissary and restroom verification 

A checklist and all the forms you need are included in the packet. 

Mobile Food Facility (MFF) on Private Property Checklist

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Get a vehicle inspection

Email to schedule a vehicle inspection for final permit approval.

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Pay your license fee

You will pay a pro-rated annual license fee with the City's Treasurer and Tax Collector office.

Pay license fee

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Get ready to open

Once you have paid your fees, you will get a:

  • Health permit to operate

Make sure you give a copy of your certificate to the Department of Public Works to finalize your permit.


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Last updated April 24, 2024