Step by step

Get a street vending permit

Get permission to sell goods or prepackaged food on the sidewalk.

You can sell merchandise or prepackaged foods with this permit. You cannot sell food you prepare.


Register your business


Depends on your business income.

Registration costs depend on the expected income for your business. Check the fees to register your business.

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See if you qualify for a fee waiver

Optional step

The Street Vending Permit costs $430 a year. You also need to pay a $9 Board of Appeals surcharge. 

You do not need to pay all of the permit fee if you get some kinds of government benefits. Or if you make below a certain amount of money for your household.

You can also ask for a reduction to the fee if you are a nonprofit who meets certain requirements. 

Find out more when you apply for a permit.

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Apply for your permit



Cost is per year, unless you have a waiver. Permit renewals are $100 per year.


About an hour, if you have all your paperwork together.

Gather all the information for your application and apply. 

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Get a food vending permit

If you are selling prepackaged food and drink you must have a health permit from DPH. You should apply for a food permit after you have applied for a Street Vending permit.  

Find out about getting a health permit.

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Staff review your application


Takes 20 days or less.

We will review your permit application and get back to you in 20 days or less. 

We may email you if we have any questions.

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Pay your fees

We will send you an invoice for what you need to pay for your permit. 

You can pay online or by mail. 

Everyone, even people with a waiver, must pay the $9 Board of Appeals surcharge.

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We send you your permit by email

After you’ve paid, we will send you your permit by email. 

Once you have a permit you can begin selling on the sidewalk.

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Display your permit while you are selling

You must have your permit either printed or on your phone while you are selling.

If an inspector asks to see your permit, you must be able to show it to them.

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Renew your permit every year

Your Street Vending Permit is good for up to a year.

You will need to renew your permit every year. 

We will send you an email to remind you to renew.

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Last updated August 16, 2022