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Get reimbursed for paying your SF staff for extra sick time

Workers and Families First is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Learn more about other resources and services available to help San Francisco businesses, employees, and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19.

The City is providing $10 million to reimburse businesses with employees located in SF to provide additional paid sick time for those employees.

The funding is first come, first served. Part of the funding is reserved for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, to help our small businesses.

At this time, all funding has been reserved.


Check if your business is eligible

You must have employees who work in SF. You also must have already exhausted all possible sick leave beyond your existing policy. 

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Apply for the pre-approval waitlist

We will ask for some information about your business. This includes how many staff work in SF and how many hours they work per week.

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Prepare your documents

After you have submitted the form, reply to your confirmation email and attach the following business documents:

  • W-9 tax form
  • Existing sick leave policy
  • Proof of Workers’ Comp policy

We will then review your application and email you an update within a few days, about whether you have been pre-approved.

At this time, all applicants will be waitlisted. If funds become available, we will contact businesses in the order they applied.

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Sign up to get electronic payments

Optional step


10 minutes

To get your reimbursement faster, sign up to receive electronic payments from the City. It will take 2 to 3 weeks to set up your account.

If you cannot receive payments electronically, we can also mail you a check.

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Pay for 5 extra days of sick leave

You must pay your SF staff for the extra sick time before you can get reimbursed.

The reimbursement will cover the minimum wage, for up to 40 hours for each employee. You will pay the difference between your staff’s wages and $15.59 per hour.

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Gather information for reimbursement

We will ask you to provide information for each employee, including:

  • Last 2 paystubs
  • Email addresses, if they are paid in cash
  • Number of hours they typically work
  • The date they depleted your company’s sick leave
  • Dates they took the 80 hours of federal sick leave for coronavirus (if you have between 200 and 499 employees)
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Claim your reimbursement

We will send pre-approved businesses a link where you can send in your reimbursement claims.

You can send in your claims on a rolling basis. You must submit all your claims within 90 days after getting approved for funding.

Waitlisted businesses will get a claims link when funds become available.

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Get reimbursed from the City


A few weeks

We’ll reimburse you for the number of staff you submitted in your approval application. If you want to be reimbursed for more staff, we may be able to reimburse you if we have funding for it.

Keep your records. We may follow up to make sure the funds were used appropriately.

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Last updated October 18, 2022