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Get feedback from locals about your off-hours shoot

Run a filming survey for local residents and businesses if you plan on shooting late-night or early-morning.

You must do a filming survey if you plan on shooting between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. 

We recommend starting this process at least 2 weeks before your shoot.


Contact Film SF

If you plan on filming between 10 pm and 7 am, email

We may require a neighborhood filming survey before your shoot.

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Send us a map of the impacted location

Include any areas 300 feet past:

  • The last parking spot
  • Any film or equipment setup

You can use a screenshot of a Google Map. 

Mark your footprint, including parking and filming setup.

Email the map to

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Create a filming survey

Use the filming survey template PDF.

The survey should include:

  • Details of the specific areas impacted
  • Hours of filming
  • Phone number and email address to collect feedback

Email the survey to for approval.

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Distribute the survey

Drop off the survey twice on different days. Give people as much opportunity to give you feedback.

If a business within your filming location will be open during the shoot, give them a survey too.

For apartments, leave a survey for each resident. Managers may sign off on behalf of tenants.

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Create a report


Send us the report at least 5 business days before the shoot.

The report should illustrate responses, including residents that did not respond after 2 attempts.


  • The response of each resident on a map
  • A breakdown of each resident’s response
  • A final tally of No Concerns, Concerns, or No Response
  • Notes for each residence about dates and times that the survey was distributed
  • The percentage of neighborhood response overall (all confirmed contact with residents)
  • The percentage of No Concerns (number of No Concerns divided by the total number of surveys received)

You can refer to a sample results report (in Excel) and a sample results map.

Email the report and map to We will schedule a call to discuss the report.

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Last updated October 28, 2022