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Find gender-affirming surgery services in San Francisco

Gender Health SF can help you through the whole process if you are eligible for care with the program.

We're ready to partner with you so you can take the next steps toward becoming more of the person you know yourself to be. Whatever decisions you make along your journey, just know that you're not alone - there is a supportive team ready to assist. Please follow these steps to help you get started.   


View what surgeries are covered and if you are eligible

To access gender-affirming surgery through our program, you must be:

  • a San Francisco resident 
  • 18 years of age or older 

Your coverage will vary depending on your insurance.

Get more educational information about gender-affirming surgeries.

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Talk with your primary care doctor

Let your doctor know about your interest in gender-affirming surgery. Together you can review your options.

To find a primary care clinic or provider in San Francisco please visit, Get a primary care appointment with SF Health Network

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Meet with a mental health provider

When you are ready, your next step is to connect with a licensed mental health provider. They will work with you to get the information for your referral. 

You will usually meet for a few sessions, but it is not an evaluation of your gender narrative or experience. Instead, it is meant to support your gender embodiment goals and partner with your primary care provider to:

  • Make a plan for your surgery and recovery
  • Set up the right treatment plan for you
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Wait for your referral

Once your sessions are complete, the referral documentation will be added to your medical chart. Your primary care doctor can then make a full referral.

Gender Health SF will review your assessment and send it to your insurance.

It can take a few months for insurance to review and approve surgery consultations. We'll work with you if you face any issues with approval.

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Connect with your peer navigator

After your referral has gone through, you will be connected with one of our peer patient navigators at Gender Health SF.

They can guide you through the rest of the process, and can help you:

  • Choose a gender-affirming surgeon
  • Provide surgical information and education 
  • Attend appointments as needed
  • Discuss your pre and post-op surgical plan 

Learn more about having a peer patient navigator.

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Prepare for surgery

Your peer navigator will help you plan and prepare for your surgery. Your wait time might depend on:

  • When the surgeon is available
  • The requested procedure
  • The type of health coverage you have

You can also use this time with your navigator to connect to more resources and make a care plan for your recovery.

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Take care after surgery

Recovering from surgery can be tough, even when it's a positive experience. Now is the time to lean on your support group, follow all post-op care, and be extra gentle with yourself. You are worth it!

We'll connect you with post-op groups and wellness programs and will be there for you when you need help.

View local community support groups and resources.

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Last updated December 28, 2023