Sign up with Customer Connect to check your child support account

Use California's online service to check payment history, case information, and more.

What to do

1. Gather information you need

  • Find your Participant ID number
    It's printed on child support checks or billing statements

2. Sign up on the website

When you register for the first time, you'll get a PIN (personal identification number)

You'll use your PIN to sign into your account.



Gather information you'll need

  • Find your Participant ID number
    You can find it on a child support check or billing statement
  • Find your PIN (personal identification number)
    You might not have a PIN yet. You'll get one when you follow the prompts to sign up.

Call Child Support Services

Automated Service Line

What's next?

Keep your login information and PIN in safe place.

You can use your Customer Connect account to:

  • View documents
  • Check case information and payment history
  • Make child support payments over the phone

Last updated October 27, 2022