Award-winning productions

Discover San Francisco's diverse cuisines, cultures and opinions as we go through the City’s neighborhoods to uncover the hottest issues and trends.

City of Pride

City of Pride is a SFGovTV original series that highlights the San Francisco LGBTQi+ community, focused on amplifying their contributions to our city, including their work in advocating for more equitable and inclusive representation and opportunities in the communities they live in.

Saving The City

The pandemic has made it difficult for many businesses, from entertainment venues to food vendors, to survive but there are programs that offer assistance. Stories of shared struggle and hopes and visions for the future are discussed in Saving the City.

San Francisco Rising

San Francisco Rising is an original SFGovTV series that's focused on restarting, rebuilding, and reimagining our city. The show features interviews with City luminaries and covers topics such as help for small businesses, MUNI updates, developments at SF Rec and Park, and more.


San Francisco is a town in love with its food. There's no question that San Francisco is a foodie destination and haven. The Emmy Award winning QuickBites explores the relationships between San Francisco's love affair with food, the communities it unites and the vehicles used to bring it all together.

Discover Your District

Neighborhoods in SF are as diverse and fascinating as the people who inhabit them. Join us as we explore San Francisco one neighborhood at a time.

Women at Work

This is a series designed to create awareness of the evolving nature of women's roles in the workplace. The goal is to inspire women of all ages and at any stage of their life, to chase their dream career or to consider ones they would have never considered before.

Being SF

Being SF is an original SFGovTV series created to capture the varied texture and landscape of San Francisco and ask the question: What can we as citizens do to maintain the spirit and health of San Francisco?

Coping with Covid-19

Coping with Covid-19 provides up to date information about how to manage the Covid-19 virus, highlighting City resources and how San Francisco is responding to the pandemic.

What's Next, SF?

Check out what's brewing within San Francisco's innovative City departments and join us for an exclusive look at "What's Next" on their agenda! 

Election Connection

This nationally award-winning series looks behind the simple act of voting to learn about the Department of Elections and explore the mechanics of holding an election in San Francisco. Each short episode explores a different facet of a very complex process, covering subjects such as ballot simplification, poll worker trainings and responsibilities, security, data management, accessibility, and election day management.

Stay Safe

The award-winning Stay Safe series illustrates easy steps to take before an earthquake to stay safe in your home after a major earthquake, while repairs are underway.


We collaborate with community groups, activists and City departments to create original programs that enlighten and entertain. Visit sewage treatment plants, high tech green buildings and the latest art exhibits with shows that let you see where your tax dollars are going as SFGovTV showcases the work of our City departments.