RFQ for Insurance Broker and Risk Management Services, 2024-2026

Risk Management Division is creating a pool of pre-qualified firms to support the City's risk management needs


The Risk Management Division is soliciting qualifications from firms with experience in successfully providing large multi-faceted municipal organizations with:

  • Insurance Brokerage and Risk Management Services

We will create a pool of firms (“pool”) that are pre-qualified to support the risk management needs of all City departments.

Intent of this Request for Qualification (RFQ)

It is the intent of the Risk Management Division to create a prequalified list of firms eligible for contracts. The list will be in effect for 2 years.

Firms prequalified under this RFQ are not guaranteed a contract. Firms offered a contract are not guaranteed any work via task orders.

How to apply

  1. Register as a bidder on the City's Supplier Portal
  2. Prepare RFQ documents, including:
    1. RFQ Attachment 1 - Acknowledgement of RFQ Terms and Conditions
    2. RFQ Attachment 2 - City's Administrative Requirements
    3. RFQ Attachment 3 - City's Agreement Terms and Conditions
    4. RFQ Attachment 4 - Response Template including Specific Areas of Expertise

Read the RFQ document for detailed instructions.

  1. Submit electronically using method:
    1. Via e-mail to the Risk Management Division addressed to both kelly.hernandez@sfgov.org and maria-zenaida.camua@sfgov.org

RFQ timeline

RFQ issued
January 12, 2024

Deadline for RFQ questions
January 19, 2024 by 1:00 PM PST

RFQ answers available online
January 26, 2024

Deadline for RFQ responses
February 19, 2024 by 3:00 PM PST

Notice of intent to establish a prequalified list
March 22, 2024

Pool of qualified firms established
April 1, 2024