ServiceNow Chapter 21 Contract Management Application

What is the purpose of the ServiceNow Chapter 21 Contract Management Application?

Effective April 2023, all Chapter 21 contracts must be submitted to OCA for its review using the ServiceNow Chapter 21 Contract Management Application This application documents a department's compliance with pertinent City contracting requirements. Once a record is submitted for approval in this application, City's contracting program departments (CMD, OEWD, OLSE, DT, etc) will have 3 business days to review your record. If there are no objections to your request during this period, your request will be assigned to an OCA reviewer for final review and approval.

More than just an application for submitting your contract review requests to OCA!

This application provides guidance on each contracting topic. As such, departments are strongly encouraged to enter their contract information into this application as they work on their contract. Using it from contract inception to execution ensures you address all applicable contracting requirements before submitting the contract for final approval. OCA has also developed tools in conjunction with this application that you can use to manage your contracts once executed. These tools will ensure you are notified of your contract's expiration status, its spend and remaining capacity relative to the remaining contract term, and other pertinent matters and reminders related to the administration of your contract. These tool scan also be used to monitor your draft records and pending solicitation timelines and, more generally, manage your contract workload, as well as those of your staff. If interested in how you can use this application and corresponding tools to manage your contracts, contact us for more information.