Resources for operating a public swimming pool or spa

Find requirements, standards, and application forms about managing a public pool or spa.


Operation requirements

Learn about the responsibilities pool managers have for safely managing their pool, procedures, and equipment.

Learn more about how to safely manage a public pool or spa.

Find a list of required pool and spa signs along with example images.

Learn about the permits, fees, and licenses needed for installing a pool heater.

Standards and procedures

Learn about the free-chlorine and bromine standards for public pools and spas set by the state.

Learn about pool chemicals, pH, and how they interact with water temperature.

Get help calculating your flow rate based on your equipment.

Learn what to do after a fecal accident in chlorine disinfected swimming pools.

Forms and application materials

Apply to operate a swimming pool or spa.

If you are constructing a new pool or spa, you need to provide this data sheet for each pool or spa.

We will update this schedule when fees for licenses, applications, and other services change. You will get a bill for most licenses from the Tax Collector's office in the first months of each calendar year. Pay your license fee every year. New license fees are prorated. Pay your application fee directly to Environmental Health. Find more information in the Health Code and the Business and Tax Code.