Notification and Request Form

A form for cannabis business operators to submit information required under Article 16.

When to use the notification and request form

Under Article 16, cannabis business operators are required to notify the Office of Cannabis (OOC) of certain incidents or operational changes, such as:

  • Pending criminal or civil charges against the cannabis business
  • If a cannabis business is the victim of criminal activity
  • A change in Ownership of the cannabis business

The attached Notification and Request form is a fillable PDF to assist operators in submitting this information. Please also review the attached Reporting Deadline Checklist for a list of notifications to or approvals from the OOC that may be required, and specific information about submission deadlines.

While these resources are intended to be instructive, it is ultimately the responsibility of all operators to be familiar with and adhere to the requirements that apply to themFor any questions, contact the OOC at