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Get information about how APEC may impact your business

San Francisco businesses and workers can expect impacts to transit, traffic, and access to some parts of the City. This page is updated frequently, as instructed by the United States Secret Service, who is lead on defining and implementing the security perimeters.

Key facts

  • Businesses, offices, and services can stay open!
  • Employees and patrons may need to build in extra time to get around, especially near secure areas.
  • The City and County of San Francisco government will remain fully operational.
  • Some streets will be closed to traffic briefly for motorcades and special events.
  • Transit lines and schedules will change. Some Muni lines will be rerouted, especially downtown and along the waterfront. Ferries will also be impacted. BART and Caltrain schedules will be the same.

Find detailed information, designed for businesses located within an APEC red security zone.

For businesses citywide

Businesses can stay open throughout APEC. 

There are small areas, marked in green and red in the interactive map from the US Secret Service. These indicate where a range of street restrictions will be in effect for one or more days. 

All other locations will operate without heightened security measures. Traffic and transit impacts may still be felt throughout the City, especially near downtown, Nob Hill, and the waterfront.


The benefits of APEC for your business

Despite the disruptions, APEC is a chance for San Francisco to show off and remind the world of all our City has to offer! This include the culturally distinct and uniquely beautiful neighborhoods are what make the city a world class destination.

As part of this, San Francisco has worked with the US Department of State to share information about local businesses in materials it sends to delegates and attendees. The website - the hub for attendees of APEC – features over 100 nightlife, arts, and culture events.

The Office of Small Business, together with local merchant groups, created a collecting of over two dozen “Perfect San Francisco Days” that are designed to help visitors and residents explore some of the best the city has to offer – anytime they'd like. This initiative will continue beyond the APEC conference.

Where are the security zones?

The conference is mostly at the Moscone Center.

Throughout the week, there will also be security zones around the Fairmont Hotel, along the waterfront, and Legion of Honor. Nearby residents, business owners, and workers should plan for the extra security. Click for a detailed and interactive map.

Security zones are determined by the United States Secret Service and are subject to change.

Find details for businesses located within an APEC security zone