Request for qualifications template and attachments

Use the P-697 Request for Qualifications (RFQ) template to create a pool of qualified contractors.

When to use

An RFQ allows you to create a pre-qualified pool of suppliers for a particular set of goods and/or services. Departments can then choose from this pool when awarding specific projects. Departments may create prequalified pools only in accordance with Section 21.4 of the San Francisco Administrative Code. A prequalified pool list is valid for 2 years but may be extended for up to 2 additional years if re-opened by City in accordance with Section 21.4. 

For contracts executed prior to January 18, 2021 (regardless of when the Pool was created), departments were authorized to select any contractor from the prequalified pool regardless of the contract value or duration. These contracts can be amended up to any dollar amount and duration. 

For contracts executed on or after January 18, 2021 (regardless of when the Pool was created), departments are required to follow one of three options under Section 21.4 when selecting a contractor.

Learn more about City's RFQ requirements:

The RFQ template provides clear and detailed guidance on how to create and select from an RFQ pool. Departments must ensure they fully understand and comply with these requirements.