One-time purchases $10,000 or less for commodities and general services (Prop Q purchases)

One-time purchases of commodities and general services less than $10,000 can be made by a purchase order issued by City departments without going through OCA.

Delegated Department (or "Prop Q") Purchasing

Departments may make one-time purchases of commodities or general services under $10,000 without going through the Office of Contract Administration. This is called Delegated Department (or "Prop Q") Purchasing. Only city staff who have taken Prop Q training and filed Form 700 are eligible to issue Prop Q POs. When issuing a Prop Q PO, make sure to use the CL-600 Prop Q checklist to help you through the process and make sure to include as many LBEs as possible by using CMD's directory of certified LBEs.

Departments are responsible for making sure that purchases comply with all legal requirements.

The $10,000 includes any:

  • Taxes
  • Delivery fees
  • Installation fees

You may not split bids or orders to meet the $10,000 limit.