Homebuyer program counseling agencies

To apply for MOHCD homeownership listings, in general, every adult in the household must finish 10 hours of homebuyer education which can be provided by an agency listed below. These agencies have counselors who can work with you at any step in the process.

First-time homebuyer education for MOHCD programs consist of:

  1. A 2-hour free program orientation which you can sign up for at the HomeownershipSF website
  2. A group workshop (6 hours total) presented by a local community organization listed below
  3. A 2-hr 1-on-1 meeting with a housing counselor at the same organization. They will determine your homeownership-readiness. The counselor will also help you figure out which housing program will be right for you.

The certificate you receive when finishing homebuyer education will be valid for one year.

Register for workshops on HomeownershipSF.org

Read about Homebuyer Education Requirement and FAQs for more information about homebuyer education requirements and frequently asked questions.

All participating non-profit housing counseling agencies are members of HomeownershipSF:

275 5th St, Suite 314
San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) 202-5464