Elections Commission resolutions


Resolutions & Motions

Resolution to recognize the Ramaytush Ohlone as Native Peoples via the permanent recitation of a land acknowledgment at the opening of every general, special, and committee meeting held by the San Francisco Elections Commission.

Resolution in support of extending the City and County of San Francisco’s contract with Dominion Voting Systems, Inc. for only one year this year, and waiting until next year to decide whether to extend the contract a second year.

Resolution on Statement Made by a Member of the Public During the Elections Commission’s June 22, 2021 Special Meeting.

Resolution supporting informing all voters of the options for accessible voting.

Resolution opposing internet and email voting in local, state, and federal elections.

[Supporting Open Source Voting Systems -- Encouraging the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to Initiate a Project to Develop and Certify an Open Source Voting System]

Resolution to support the development and certification of an open source voting system running on commercial off-the-shelf hardware; and to request that the Mayor and Board of Supervisors initiate and fund a project to develop and certify such a system for use in San Francisco.