CityBuild Forms

Many construction projects in the City are covered by hiring policies for both trade workers and administrative/professional services positions. Each policy has forms for maintaining compliance and for requesting local workers through CityBuild's Employment Networking Services.

Forms Overview

The following forms are provided as a resource only. It is recommended that you contact the CityBuild project team assigned to your specific project to determine which forms are required.

Call the Workforce Development Division at 415-701-4848 for general help and if you do not know your CityBuild project team representative.

Workforce Projection Form (Form 1)

Policy: Local Hiring Policy and First Source Hiring Program

Contractors performing a public work or improvement project in San Francisco that is covered by the First Source Hiring provisions or Local Hiring requirements are required to complete and submit a Workforce Projection Form (Form 1) prior to starting work.  

Mandatory Local Hiring Plan (Form 2)

Local Hiring Policy Projects Only

On projects with an estimated project cost of more than $1M, contractors are required to complete a Local Hiring Plan, by trade, to supplement the information provided in the Workforce Projection Form (Form 1).

CityBuild Job Notification Form (Form 3)

All Workforce Policies

For use on projects covered by all workforce hiring policies. To request a worker please complete and submit the Job Notification Form (Form 3) to your assigned CityBuild Employment Liaison, or call 415-701-4848 to be directed to the contact for your specific project. Please refer to the instructions on the form for additional information.

Conditional Waiver Form (Form 4) 

Local Hiring Policy

A contractor may request a waiver from the mandatory Local Hiring requirements by completing a Conditional Waiver Form.

Local Hiring Policy Workforce Forms

NOTE: For projects covered by the Local Hiring requirements contractors are required to complete and submit Local Hiring Forms online via the City’s Certified Payroll system, Elation Systems. If this is your first time using Elation Systems, please contact the awarding department to request a Contractor account. For additional information please refer to the project's specifications or contact CityBuild at 415-701-4848 or email at

Local Hiring Workforce Projection Form (Form 1)

Local Hiring Plan for Projects over $1 Million (Form 2)

Local Hiring Job Notification Form (Form 3)

Local Hiring Conditional Waiver (Form 4) 

Local Hiring Policy Fact Sheet (current 30% requirement)

First Source Hiring Program Workforce Forms

First Source Workforce Projection Form 1
First Source Workforce Summary Form 4
First Source Job Notification Form 3

First Source Hiring Program Policy Fact Sheet (Private Funding)
First Source Hiring Program Policy Fact Sheet (Public Funding)

Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure (OCII) Workforce Forms

OCII Contractor Information Sheet

OCII Job Notification Form (Form 3)

OCII Workforce Policy Fact Sheet

HUD Section 3 Workforce Forms

HUD Section 3 Form 1
CityBuild Certification Form – For Section 3 Eligible Workers
HUD Section 3 Job Notification Form (Form 3)
HUD Section 3 Policy Fact Sheet

First Source Hiring Agreement for Professional Services

Consultants are required to complete and submit a First Source Hiring Agreement if awarded a city contract in excess of $50,000 to perform construction-related professional services in San Francisco. For additional information, please contact AJ Thomas at 415-701-4858 or

 Professional Services First Source Hiring Agreement

 Professional Services First Source Job Notification

 Professional Services First Source Fact Sheet

 Professional Services Workforce Plan Guide

 Professional Services First Source Hiring Program Description