Residential hotel ("SRO") owners: File a Residential Hotel Status Report

Submit your report before you sell or transfer the title of a residential hotel.

What to do

1. Fill out the report

You will need to provide information about:

  • The number of certified residential and tourist guest rooms
  • Location, room numbers, and rate for each residential guest room
  • Location and room numbers of each tourist guest room
  • The most recent inspection from the Department of Building Inspection (DBI)
  • Any enforcement actions within the past 5 years from DBI, Fire Department, or Department of Public Health
  • Disabled access features
  • Records of use from the past 2 years (daily logs, rent receipts, and weekly reports)
  • Owner and seller contact information

2. Email the report

After you file the report

We will review your report. We will email you a verified version within 10 business days.

You are legally required to the buyer the verified report. The buyer must verify they received the report by signing page three and emailing a copy of page three to within 30 days of the title transfer.

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Last updated March 31, 2023