Reserve and pay for a stall at the Alemany Farmers Market

If you’re approved to sell goods at the Alemany Farmers Market, learn how to get a stall and pay for it.

What to do

1. Call to request a spot or add your name to a waiting list (optional)

You can request a stall in a specific area, but we may not be able to give it to you. We assign stalls based on the needs of the whole market. If the stall you want isn’t available, ask to get on a waiting list.

Alemany Market Office

2. Add up the costs

Decide how many stalls you want. 

Then, multiply the number of stalls times $50.

Add $2 to the total. 

Example: If you want 3 stalls, you would multiply 3 x $50 + $2 = $152

3. Pay for your stall

Bring cash to the Farmer's Market. Someone will collect your payment from you at your stall.

What’s next?

Learn how to get ready for market day

Get help


Alemany Farmers Market Hotline

Get information about weather cancellations or events

Leave a message to reserve a vendor stall or cancel a reservation

Last updated August 16, 2022