Food facility construction plans: What to include for review

November 17, 2021

Download and print this in checklist form

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Have 2 sets of your construction plans, drawn-to-scale in ink. Include the following:

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Building permit application

See how to apply for a building permit.

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  • Include all major plan components and scope of your work in a "sheet index."
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Existing floor plan

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Proposed floor plan

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Equipment specification sheets

  • All water heaters
  • All dish machines
  • Other equipment (refrigeration, cooking, ventilation)
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3-compartment sink with dual-integral drainboards

Big enough for the largest equipment and utensils to be submerged to clean.

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Hand-washing sinks

Have enough, and make sure they are accessible and conveniently located for people to use.

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Food preparation sink

  • At least an 18-inch by 18-inch by 12-inch sink
  • With an 18-inch by 18-inch drainboard
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Mop sink


  • Approved back flow prevention device or vacuum breaker
  • Mop rack
  • Chemical storage shelf
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Dry food storage area

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Bin storage area

Indicate where you keep your large green, blue, and black City collection bins for:

  • garbage
  • recycling
  • compost
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Finish schedule

Required for all rooms, including:

  • walk-in refrigeration units
  • food service, preparation, and storage
  • dishwashing
  • mop sink
  • trash bin collection

Floors, walls, and ceilings surfaces must be durable, smooth, nonabsorbent, and easily cleanable.

A 3/8-inch radius cove base must be continuous with the finished floor and extend a minimum of 4 inches up the wall.

You may be required to submit physical samples for review and approval before you buy and install.

View more finishing details in these PDF slides.

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Mechanical floor plan

Label equipment related to any exhaust ventilation systems on the exterior of the building, such as exhaust fans, make-up air units, and louvers.

  • Schedule
  • Floor plan
  • Roof plan
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Plumbing floor plan

List all the plumbing fixture installations (plumbing schedule).

Label all floor sinks and floor drains.

Include water heater information and calculations.

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Make sure people do not pass through food preparation, food storage, or utensil washing areas to use the restrooms.

Restrooms should have:

  • Liquid soap and paper towel dispensers or automatic hand dryers
  • Self-closing device on restroom doors
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List all the food and drink items you plan to serve.

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Go to Get approval to build or remodel your food facility.

Go to current Environmental Health fees

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