Race and ethnicity by individual department

July 1, 2022

Visualization showing race and ethnicity by department

View the breakdown of race and ethnicity by City department.

To change the view, go to the the drop-down menu under "Department-race."

Select the "All" category to check and uncheck the full list. When "All" is unchecked, you can select and limit your view to specific departments.

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Things to note

De-identified departments are smaller departments where disclosing data could reveal an individual's identity, which could disclose personal information such as race or ethnicity, age, or gender.

In these cases, the data is supplied in aggregate form.

Included in the “De-Identified Departments” option for the race or ethnicity, age, or gender breakdown is data from the following departments:

  • Academy of Sciences
  • Board of Appeals
  • Department of Early Childhood
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Ethics Commission
  • Law Library
  • Status of Women
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View also the chart of race and ethnicity by department (citywide).

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