Race and ethnicity by departments Citywide

July 1, 2022

Visualization showing race and ethnicity across City departments

View the breakdown of race and ethnicity in departments Citywide.

To change the view, go to the the drop-down menu under "Department."

Select the "All" category to check and uncheck the full list. When "All" is unchecked, you can select and limit your view to specific departments.

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Things to note

De-identified departments are smaller departments where disclosing data could reveal an individual's identity and give away personal information such as race or ethnicity, age, or gender.

In these cases, the data is supplied in aggregate form.

Included in the above table's “De-Identified Departments” is data from the following departments:

  • Academy of Sciences
  • Art Commission
  • Asian Art Museum
  • Board of Appeals
  • Board Of Supervisors
  • Children and Families Commission
  • Children, Youth, and Their Families
  • Child Support Services
  • Civil Service Commission
  • Elections
  • Environment
  • Ethics Commission
  • Health Service System
  • Human Rights Commission
  • Law Library
  • Police Accountability
  • Rent Arbitration Board
  • Retirement System
  • Status of Women
  • War Memorial
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View also the chart of race and ethnicity by individual department.

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