Rule 119: Resignation (Civil Service Commission)

July 1, 2000

Applies to most City employees

This rule affects City workers who are classified as "miscellaneous" employees. It doesn't apply to employees of the uniformed ranks of the Police and Fire Departments or "service-critical" MTA workers. Learn about the other rules that apply to "miscellaneous" employees.

Applicability: Rule 119 shall apply to employees in all classes; except the Uniformed Ranks of the Police and Fire Departments and MTA Service-Critical classes.

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Sec. 119.1 Form

A resignation shall be immediately reported on the prescribed form to the Department of Human Resources as provided below. If an employee resigns without completing the form, but otherwise gives notification in writing of the resignation, such notification shall be attached to the form.

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Sec. 119.2 Certification and Disposition

The appointing officer shall certify on the resignation form whether the resignee's services have been satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The resignation shall be forwarded to the Human Resources Director for recordation if services were satisfactory and subject to review by the Civil Service Commission for determination of future employability if services were unsatisfactory.

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Sec. 119.3 Effective Date - When Final

A resignation shall be final on the effective date entered on the resignation form and shall not thereafter be rescinded.

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Sec. 119.4 Satisfactory Service - Permanent Appointees

A permanent appointee who has completed the probationary period, who resigns, and whose services have been certified as satisfactory by the appointing officer shall be permanently separated from such appointment except as provided in the reappointment provisions of the Appointment Rule.

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Sec. 119.5 Satisfactory Service - Probationary or Temporary Appointees

An employee under probationary or temporary appointment who resigns and whose services have been certified as satisfactory by the appointing officer, shall be removed from the eligible list from which appointed; except upon written request and with the approval of the Human Resources Director, the name of the resignee may be returned to the eligible list from which appointed, if such list has not expired. Approved requests received by the third (3rd) Friday of the month become effective on the first (1st) business day of the following month unless otherwise ordered by the Human Resources Director.

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Sec. 119.6 Processing Resignations When No Written Notice

The resignation procedure outlined under the automatic resignation procedures of these Rules shall not be used to remove employees who have indicated their intention to resign and who leave their positions in good standing without submitting a properly completed resignation form and who cannot be located for the purpose of signing a resignation form. Such employees are to be separated in accordance with the provisions of this Rule by submission from the appointing officer of an unsigned resignation with a letter of explanation attached. A copy of both the resignation and the accompanying letter are to be sent to the employee at the employee's last known address by certified mail.

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