Bulletin 2019-02: Use of Business Name

January 3, 2019

You may submit written comments or arguments relevant to the proposed rules during the comment period by emailing officeofcannabis@sfgov.org. You can also submit comments by mail or in person to:

Office of Cannabis
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San Francisco, CA 94103


Pursuant to Section 1618(i) of the San Francisco Police Code, "Every Cannabis Business is required to use the business name listed on its Cannabis Business Permit when applying for any other permits or licenses relating to the operation of the Cannabis Business, and when applying for a State Cannabis license." (emphasis added).

The Office of Cannabis ("OOC") issues this Bulletin to clarify what a business name entails. The OOC considers a business name to include the ownership entity name as reflected on the California Secretary of State website as well as the fictitious business name ("FBN"), if available. FBNs are filed with the county in which the principal place of business is located and may also be referred to a as a doing business as ("DBA") name.1 Both the business entity name and the FBN/DBA must match across the: (i) local permit application(s); (ii) State license application(s); and (iii) business registration certificate.


Posted on 1/3/2019

https://www.sos.ca.gov/business-programs/business-entities/faqs/#form-question4; see also https://sftreasurer.org/account-update.


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