Bulletin 2022-03: 45-day Shot Clock for Additional Information

February 3, 2022

Pursuant to Section 1615(a) of the San Francisco Police Code, the Director of the Office of Cannabis (OOC) may notify an Applicant that the Applicant must provide specified information or documentation needed to process or evaluate their Cannabis Business Permit application within 45 days.

The OOC issues this bulletin to further clarify the process around the 45-day shot clock.  If the OOC requires further information to process an application for a Cannabis Business Permit, then the Director or the Director Designee may notify the applicant in writing to request additional information.

The 45-day period begins the day the Director or the Director Designee sends the notification.  If no response is received within 45 days, or if the responses does not provide the requested information, then the Cannabis Business Permit application will be deemed abandoned and will not receive further consideration.

The Director may extend the Applicant’s deadline to provide required information, if the Applicant demonstrates good cause for an extension.

Examples of information and documents needed to process or evaluate a Cannabis Business Permit application may include:

  • Corporate governance documents
  • Part I or Part II application items (e.g. material agreements, follow up forms)
  • Substantive steps taken to move through the permitting process (e.g. securing a formal referral to Planning, endeavoring through the land use entitlement process, building out the premises)


Posted on 2/3/2022