The Rent Ordinance

August 28, 2023

Recent changes to the Rent Ordinance

The Rent Board's version of the Rent Ordinance is not the official record of the laws or regulations of the City and County of San Francisco. It is provided for administrative and public convenience only.

It was last amended on 8/28/23.

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Official Publication

American Legal is the official publisher of San Francisco's Administrative Codes.

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Purchase paper copies

You can purchase a copy of The Rent Ordinance and/or The Rules and Regulations. We recommend that you get both, since the Rules explain how the Ordinance is applied.

They are $4.00 each, or $8.00 for both.

They are also available by mail for $11.00 for the package, which includes postage. You can send us a check, made payable to the "Rent Board" for $11.00 and we will mail copies to you.

You can also review a copy of these documents at the San Francisco Public Library's Government Information Center and the San Francisco Law Library.

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