Report TB to the San Francisco Department of Public Health

What to do

Call (628) 206-3398 to make an initial report within 24 hours of diagnosis. A staff member will take your call Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM. At other times, please call the SFDPH On-Call Communicable Disease Provider at (415) 918-5735 for urgent reporting.

The following information should be faxed to TB Control (628) 206-4565 within 24 hours of diagnosis:

  • Confidential Morbidity Report Form
  • Progress or Consult Note
  • Laboratory
    • Baseline labs
    • IGRA
    • Sputum smear, culture, and/or PCR results
    • Pathology results, if available
  • Radiology Report

At this time, SFDPH TB Control is not using the CalREDIE Provider Portal.

The San Francisco TB Clinic provides consultation, directly observed therapy, case management and clinical services for patients with TB infection and/or disease. A Disease Control Investigator is assigned to each active TB case to investigate who has been exposed, provide testing and follow-up of contacts, assess the sites of potential transmission, and promote patient adherence. Each active case is assigned a nurse case manager who oversees the care of the patient until completion.

In addition, all patients with confirmed or suspected active TB on TB medications and being discharged from the hospital or transferred to another healthcare or congregate facility require written approval by the health officer / San Francisco TB Control.

Last updated April 12, 2024