Report food poisoning or food-related illness

Tell us if you or others get sick from food in San Francisco. We'll look into next steps to keep people safe.

What to do

If 3 people or fewer are sick:


415-701-2311 if calling from outside San Francisco
For TTY, press 7

If 4 people or more are sick:

Disease Control

If you are not sure how many people are sick from food, call 311. We will look into the case.

What happens next

What happens next

We will:

  • Determine whether cases are linked to a certain place or incident
  • Look into the cause or source ("causative agent")

If we can identify the source, we can:

  • Stop the sale or distribution of the food
  • Set up a system to recall or get rid of the food from wherever it in the supply chain

The sooner we know about an issue, the faster we can:

  • Figure out best treatment for people who are sick
  • Stop other people from getting sick
  • Build understanding of conditions that lead to food safety issues

Get help



415-701-2311 if you are calling from outside of San Francisco

For TTY, press 7


Food safety program

Environmental Health Branch
San Francisco Department of Public Health

Last updated April 24, 2024