Register an out of hospital birth

Children born outside of licensed hospitals must be registered within 21 days

What to do

Call our office to schedule an appointment

Vital Records

Gather the following required documents

  • Valid California driver’s license or any government issued I.D. (both parents).
  • Proof of residence (hardcopy of a current utility bill).
  • Newborn Screening Test form and Pediatrician’s name and phone number (must be e-mailed prior to appointment).

Information about your appointment

  • It takes about an hour
  • Both parents and the baby need to be present
  • You may choose to purchase a birth certificate, the cost is $29 per certified copy and may be purchased with Visa, Mastercard or cash.

Appointments changes or cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance. If you arrive 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment you will be asked to reschedule.

Please call 415-554-2722 to let us know if you will be late or if you need to cancel.


If a physician or professionally licensed midwife attended the birth

Please bring the original Affadavit Birth information for Out of Hospital Birth signed by the physician or licensed midwife

If the birth was not attended by a physician or professionally licensed midwife

Please bring:

Proof of pregnancy

  • ultrasound 
  • office visit receipt 
  • signed note from physician or midwife



Coming to your appointment

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Last updated January 30, 2024