Some of the projects we are currently working on

Ever wonder what happens when you put together technology expertise and knowledge of innovation methodologies? See some of the incredible projects that are making a positive impact.

Data Center Optimization

Our network team is improving the efficiency of citywide data centers by centralizing and streamlining operations to decrease maintenance costs and enhance security, redundancy, and stability. This allows for muti-tenant solutions, scalability, and a resilient data center fabric to enable 99.99% uptime.

Network Modernization

DT's Network Modernization project will provide improved capacity, reliability, redundancy, and operational availability by upgrading legacy networks. By reducing maintenance and license costs for un-used shelved equipment, the City saves more as it transitions to a secure, robust, proven architecture.

Risk-Limiting Audit Application

In partnership with the Department of Elections, DT developed a streamlined, easy-to-use application for performing risk-limiting audits (RLA). These audits provide an efficient, less bias-prone, and statistically backed method for validating the accuracy of election results. 


This project received a CIO100 award in March 2023.

Fiber to Housing Program

The Department of Technology has been bringing highspeed, free internet to San Francisco residents of public and affordable housing for years. In partnership with the Mayor's Office of Community and Housing Development, DT has connected close to 10,000 units, in addition to spinning up multiple public learning hubs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In April 2023, this work was recognized with a SPUR Good Government Award. Read more on the program's page!

GIS Address Database

The Department of Technology's GIS team manages and maintains San Francisco's address database which serve as the backbone for utilities, public works, public safety, and so much more. This work is also completed in partnership with the San Francisco Planning Department and Digital Services-Data SF to share this data publicly to support research and potential business endeavors.

JUSTIS Data Center of Excellence

Since the decommissioning of a legacy mainframe serving several San Francisco justice agencies, the Department of Technology has provided data center services to City partners like the Superior Court, the San Francisco Police Department, and the Sherriff's Department. 


DT's data center work helps public safety officials monitor trends, implement policy changes, and improve criminal justice outcomes.