Experience Haight-Ashbury and Cole Valley through their Legacy Businesses!

Photo of a chef in the kitchen of a restaurant

1. Start your day with a delightful brunch at Zazie Restaurant. Known for its French-inspired cuisine and charming garden patio, this neighborhood bistro offers a cozy atmosphere to kick off your tour.

Owner Rick Karp

2. Visit the flagship store of Cole Hardware, the best source for all of your typical hardware store needs and more. Enjoy an “old-fashioned” shopping experience and outstanding customer service while you browse for housewares, plants, gadgets, textiles, candles, and gifts. Load your Clipper card and purchase Muni Visitor Passports here, too.

photo of the exterior of a wine shop

3. For wine enthusiasts, Val de Cole Wines & Spirits is the perfect stop. Explore their curated selection of wine, spirits, and beer, and perhaps find a unique beverage to take home. The store is credited with the creation of the name “Cole Valley” for this quaint neighborhood in the 1970s.

photo of the exterior of a bookstor

4. Head to The Booksmith, an independent bookstore and cultural institution in the famous Haight-Ashbury business district. Take your time exploring their diverse collection and discovering literary gems.

photo of the exterior of a pizza parlor

5. Refuel at Escape From New York Pizza, a San Francisco institution for hot slices in the Haight. Always a big supporter of live music, the business is known for its collection of original rock and roll posters and autographs. Don’t miss Matt Groening’s “Pizza is Hell” custom illustration.

split screen photo of models in streetwear

6. Experience one of the true epicenters of real skate culture at FTC Skateboarding, where you will find quality clothing and authentic products born from the heart and soul of the streets. The shop has evolved into a brand known for authentic, grassroots innovation in apparel, design, video, art, and music.

photo of the exterior of a bar

7. Take a break and savor a mid-day beverage at Zam Zam, a historic cocktail bar known for its classic martinis and distinctive 1940s-era Persian Art Deco interior. The oil-painted mural behind the curved bar depicts a famous Persian love story, the encounter of Khosru and Shireen.

photo of art supplies spelling the word ART

8. Explore Mendels, a unique store that has been a fixture in Haight-Ashbury for decades. From fabric and costumes to eclectic finds, Mendels is a treasure trove for creative souls.

photo of a sculpture of legs sticking out a victorian window

9. Beneath a giant pair of sexy legs dangling from a second-story window is Piedmont Boutique. Featuring disco-party wear, drag queen regalia, and the ever evolving "be who you are" mentality so common on the streets of San Francisco, the store provides a never-ending range of costume articles for any and all special events. The options to express yourself are infinite!

storefront with bright tye die colors

10. Embrace the hippie spirit at Love on Haight, a store dedicated to tie-dye, bohemian clothing, and psychedelic accessories. They are firm believers in spreading rainbows, sparkles, peace, love, and kindness. Find a piece of San Francisco's counterculture to take home.

photo of the exterior of a colorful smoke shop

11. Visit Pipe Dreams, a shop specializing in tobacco pipes, smoking accessories, and unique gifts. Explore the diverse collection and perhaps find a quirky souvenir.

photo of a patio bar

12. End your tour by grabbing some food to-go from a local spot and heading to Finnegans Wake, a quintessential neighborhood bar that nails the effortlessly cool factor. Enjoy a refreshing drink while reflecting on your eclectic experience in the Haight-Ashbury and Cole Valley neighborhoods.

Legacy Business Program

The Legacy Business Program is for businesses 30+ years old that add to San Francisco's culture. Legacy Businesses can get marketing help, business support, and grants. It is the first program of its kind in the United States.


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