Nurse home visiting program

If you are pregnant or have a new baby, a public health nurse can visit you at home.

What to do

If you are pregnant or have a baby, a public health nurse can meet with you to discuss your questions and help guide you to:

  • take steps for a healthy pregnancy
  • become a confident parent and help your baby learn and grow
  • support your family’s health
  • help your family connect to community resources
  • get supplies for your baby like a crib or diapers

1. Know what you can expect from a nurse home visit

Your nurse will get to know you and help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

A public health nurse will meet with you at your home or at an agreed upon safe place on a regular schedule.  

Other family members are welcome to take part in the visits. 

Your nurse may:

  • talk with you about getting prenatal care and preparing for labor
  • talk with you about how to take care of your newborn, and share positive parenting tips
  • check your blood pressure
  • help you with breastfeeding
  • weigh your baby
  • check your baby’s development
  • help you manage your day to day stress

2. Check if you are eligible

We encourage moms to enroll in our nurse services as early in pregnancy as possible to get an early start on a healthy pregnancy and baby.

The nurse home visiting service is available for women who:

  • live in San Francisco
  • are pregnant or have a newborn baby
  • meet income requirements 

You can get this service regardless of immigration status. You don’t need to have health insurance. 

3. Call to sign up

Call the Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health (MCAH) division to sign up for nurse visiting services.

We will ask you about:

  • Your contact information
  • Details about your pregnancy, like how far along are you
  • If you already gave birth, we may ask details about your baby 
  • The best times and days to meet

It will take about 20 minutes to sign up for our service over the phone. 

MCAH office

Special cases

Language options

Language options

Our nurses speak many languages and can use interpreter services. When you call the MCAH line you can speak in your own language. 

Last updated January 19, 2024