Small business storm impacts and recovery

The multiple storm systems coming through San Francisco since New Year's Eve have caused widespread impact on our small business communities. The Office of Small Business will continue to share information about staying prepared for more storms while recovering from recent ones.
January 05, 2023

Stay prepared:

More storms are expected this weekend and into next week.

  • Get sandbags: pick them up for free at the Department of Public Works’ operations yard at 2323 Cesar Chavez. Demand is high, and they are posting regular updates on their hours of operation and supply on Twitter.
  • Bring in, or secure, outdoor furniture and equipment
  • Raise inventory and/or equipment off the ground. If you store boxes or inventory stacked on the ground, move them to tabletops or carts 

During the storm: 

  • Call or use the mobile app for 311 to report flooding, clogged storm drains, and downed trees 
  • ONLY call 911 for life-threatening emergencies, not to report flooding issues 


Our staff can help you understand the process for physical and financial recovery. We have staff available to help in Spanish and Chinese, along with more translation services as needed.

Contact us at or 415-554-6134. Sign up for our newsletter for ongoing updates.

  • Make a record of your business losses by taking photos and videos of damage. Please feel free to share them with, so that we can track the storm's impact as we are exploring federal, state, and local resources to support small businesses in recovery.
  • Contact your landlord. They may be responsible for repairs to the property, and may have insurance coverage as well. We can connect you with advisors to review and understand your lease.
  • Contact your insurance provider, if you have flood or business interruption coverage. They will give you more information about how to file a claim for recovery costs. 
  • Get help with permits. If you need to make building repairs, our Small Business Permit Specialists can provide information and support.
  • Consider applying for a Floodwater Management Grant, from San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), which is for flood prevention improvements for small businesses with 50 or fewer employees, residences, and property owners that have experienced flooding in the past, up to $100,000.
    • Eligible expenses include designer fees; supplies, material and installation costs; permits and encroachment fees; plumbing; dry flood risk reduction; wet flood risk reduction modifications. 

Stay tuned. We will be sending out more information about storm recovery regularly.