Press Release

San Francisco Public Safety Officials Announce Safety And Preparedness Efforts Ahead Of Fleet Week

Public safety officials welcome the annual San Francisco Fleet Week and announce how residents and visitors can safely enjoy the special events occurring throughout the city and waterfronts.
October 28, 2022

San Francisco, CA – The Department of Emergency Management today announced citywide public safety coordination efforts with local, state, federal, and military partners for the 2022 San Francisco Fleet Week, the annual multi-day celebration recognizing the contributions of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. From October 3 through October 11, 2022, millions of residents and visitors are expected to enjoy the parade of ships, airshows and community events along various piers and parks in San Francisco. Also announced are the actions the public can take to be safe during the San Francisco Fleet Week.

We are excited to celebrate Fleet Week, San Francisco’s oldest maritime traditions, to coordinate critical disaster response and emergency preparedness training with our military and community partners,” said Department of Emergency Management Executive Director Mary Ellen Carroll. “While San Francisco’s Fleet Week features the thrilling airshow and parade of ships, the city still needs to function as it does every day—including emergency services. It is DEM’s job to make sure everyone is coordinated and situationally aware so we can keep our residents and visitors safe during Fleet Week.”

Public safety is always a priority for the City during Fleet Week, and any event, and the Department of Emergency Management works closely with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, Police and Fire Departments, the United States Coast Guard, and the United States Park Police to support their response activities in the event of a fire, medical, maritime, or law enforcement emergency.

The public can take the following actions to public can take to be safe during the San Francisco Fleet Week:

  • Be careful to keep track of your belongings and to not leave valuables behind, especially in your vehicle.
  • If you see something, say something. Call 9-1-1. Notify a police officer if there is one nearby. Also call 9-1-1 to receive help for emergencies, or potential emergencies.
  • If you are watching the air show on a roof or balcony, make sure it is permitted for this use. Check the safety railings and avoid overcrowding. Choose a safer location to view the air show.
  • For public comments or complaints, please call 415-306-0911 or 3-1-1 for noise complaints.
  • Register for emergency text alerts related to Fleet Week by texting ‘FleetWeekSF’ to 888-777. For all other City emergency alerts, text your zip code to 888-777 to receive emergency notifications impacting your neighborhood. To get real-time official city alerts about emergencies in throughout San Francisco text the zip codes where you most frequently are (for example, where you live, where you work, where your children go to school) to 888-777 or sign up on
  • Boaters please note:
    • It is a requirement to have enough life jackets or personal flotation devices on a boat for every person onboard – Remember, a life jacket is like a seatbelt, it cannot save you if you’re not wearing one.
    • Have a working VHF marine radio to stay informed and to call for help in case of an emergency. Hand-held models are available for kayakers, paddle boarders, and kite surfers.  Cell phones are also an effective secondary means of communication but are not as reliable out on the water.
    • Anyone planning to go out on the water with a vessel for hire should ask to see the operator’s U.S. Coast Guard issued Merchant Mariner Credential and proof of inspection. Without them, the vessel may not have proper training and safety equipment.
    • Keep the vessel stable by properly balancing the weight. Having more weight lower in a vessel also increases stability, especially in the high winds and choppy waters that are common in Northern California.