San Francisco Expands Ongoing Community Outreach Plans for Businesses and Residents as City Prepares for APEC 2023

Community outreach efforts continuing, including for those who live, work, and operate businesses in the security zones, building from ongoing work to support businesses and residents as the City prepares to welcome APEC 2023 next month
October 24, 2023

San Francisco, CA—Mayor London N. Breed joined City leaders today to highlight ongoing community and engagement efforts to businesses and residents in and around the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) security perimeter as defined by the United States Secret Service (USSS), which will remain accessible with heightened security measures between November 15 and November 18.    

As the APEC 2023 Host City, San Francisco will welcome thousands of attendees from around the world, including President Joe Biden, 21 global leaders from APEC Member Economies and their delegations, and CEOs from around the world. The total local economic impact is projected to be approximately $52.8 million, according to the San Francisco Travel Association.  

"APEC will be a major moment that will live in our City’s rich history. We will show the world San Francisco’s unique ability to create a world-class experience where people continue to want to live, work, and visit,” said Mayor London Breed. “This is also a major moment for our small businesses, restaurants and hotels, who are ready to welcome thousands of attendees and global leaders from around the world. We know there will be impacts due to the increased security, but we are working with our residents and businesses so that APEC is a successful and safe event.”  

Expanded Outreach Plans   

As part of the City’s comprehensive outreach campaign to inform and share information to residents and businesses, today teams led by the Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), the Office of Small Business (OSB), the Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA) and other City departments, began new door-to-door outreach between Market and Harrison Streets, and 2nd and 5th Streets, building on the City’s ongoing outreach efforts.    

The multi-agency outreach team will distribute flyers in multiple languages with information about the security measures for the event, access for residents, businesses and workers, pedestrian and car screening areas, delivery screening, and other pertinent details. The team will visit every address within the Moscone security zone. They will also document concerns and take in questions for follow-up. The multilingual team will conduct a second wave of door-to-door outreach in early November.   

In addition to the door-to-door outreach, the City has been convening meetings with community stakeholders to provide updates on APEC security plans. The San Francisco APEC Community Advisory Committee is comprised of nearly 150 individuals representing over 100 communities. These include 35 local merchant associations and neighborhood associations, 11 Community Benefit Districts, 5 Cultural Districts, business associations and chambers of commerce, arts organizations, and entertainment/nightlife businesses. The committee has convened twice, with 250 people attending.   

APEC Impact  

 San Francisco is preparing to welcome over 20,000 attendees including heads of state and their staff, foreign press, security personnel, CEOs from around the world, and APEC Member Economies’ delegation members. San Francisco is closely collaborating with the U.S. Department of State to include local business information in promotional APEC materials that will be shared with delegates and other attendees. The APEC 2023 conference website, which features over 100 nightlife, arts, and culture events, serves as the information hub for attendees.    

The Office of Small Business (OSB), together with local merchant groups, created and collected over a dozen “Perfect San Francisco Days”, a set of self-guided tours designed to help visitors explore the City while they are visiting. Information s is available at   

An event of this magnitude is expected to significantly bolster San Francisco’s economic profile as a place to visit and do business. Some early indicators include:  

  • Total Estimated Hotel Room Nights Occupied: 55,142  
  • Total Estimated Direct Spend: $36.9M  
  • Total Estimated Economic Impact: $52.8M  

“This global event will put San Francisco on the world stage. APEC is expected to bring over $50 million in economic impact to the City while allowing world leaders to come together to engage around global challenges and solutions,” said Sarah Dennis Phillips, the Executive Director of the Office of Economic and Workforce Development. “San Francisco will be open for business during APEC, and we expect APEC will bring immense short-term and long-term benefits to our local stores and restaurants. We are working to promote our amazing City and neighborhoods to make sure those benefits exceed any inconveniences, including security measures put in place by the Secret Service, and we’re also asking residents and businesses to prepare and plan ahead. Today, a multiagency outreach team will begin door to door outreach to residents and businesses in and around the Moscone area, and we will continue on-the-ground outreach through APEC.”  

Over the last several months, City staff have been engaging with community and business groups to keep them apprised of information ready for public dissemination provided by federal partners. And while San Francisco expects to see short-term impacts in and around the Moscone Center area, and in other high-security locations identified by the USSS, the City is committed to ensuring the business community is supported not only through ongoing outreach, but also by bringing visibility to local businesses in the designated security areas, in addition to nearby neighborhoods, for APEC attendees and visitors to patron and enjoy.  

“We're working closely with the community, art institutions and local businesses to share information as it becomes available and to mitigate impacts to their daily lives and business, said Assessor-Recorder Joaquín Torres, who co-leads the APEC Community Advisory Committee. “As we continue to collaborate with our federal partners in setting the stage for this historic global event, we want to ensure that all those visiting our city will seek out the world-renowned cuisine, performances, exhibits, shops and more that San Francisco has to offer and that our stakeholders are ready to welcome them.”  

“APEC will shine the light on what makes Yerba Buena and San Francisco so special — our diversity of residents, small businesses, museums, conventions and commerce that coexist in one beautiful place. We'll continue to communicate with those in our district to navigate APEC's impact and believe the summit will provide value over the long-term," said Scott Rowitz, executive director, Yerba Buena Community Benefit District.” 

“Japantown is looking forward to sharing our culture and pride with the many APEC attendees! Between our world-class restaurants, one-of-a-kind retail destinations, and many APEC-specific activations - there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our neighborhood. We can’t wait to join our larger San Francisco community and make our City shine,” said Grace Horikiri, executive director, Japantown Community Benefit District.”  

Beyond door-to-door outreach, information about APEC is regularly disseminated through City partners including Community Benefit Districts and ambassadors, merchant and residential associations, and trade and industry groups. Information and updates are also being shared through City agencies, such as the Entertainment Commission, OSBs, and OEWD newsletters to nearly 30,000 subscribers and networks.  

City of Firsts Campaign  

More broadly, the City has launched new public education campaigns, in addition to other privately funded efforts, highlighting San Francisco’s role as the Host City for APEC 2023 in November, and celebrating the City’s rich history. “The City of Firsts” campaign launches today, highlighting how APEC 2023’s key themes—innovation, inclusivity, sustainability, and resilience—have been cornerstones of the City’s civic identity for decades.  

For all official City information and updates related to APEC 2023 in San Francisco, please visit this page.