San Francisco Celebrates Partnership to Preserve Oasis Inn as a Family Shelter

Collaboration allows for 59 units to continue to be used as temporary housing with wraparound services for women, children, and families experiencing homelessness
October 25, 2023

San Francisco, CA – Mayor London N. Breed today announced the reopening of the Oasis Inn, a 59-unit shelter located in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood that has served as a temporary home for families with children experiencing homelessness. The building reopening as the Kaplan Family Oasis Shelter is a joint effort between the St. Anthony Foundation, the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing (HSH), and the Providence Foundation of San Francisco.   

The motel, which temporarily housed homeless families, including domestic violence survivors during the COVID-19 pandemic, was on the brink of shuttering when St. Anthony’s agreed to purchase the facility this past summer allowing current residents to stay sheltered and future eligible families to have a place to call home. A very generous gift from the Kaplan Family Trust played a major role in making the project possible.    

The City and County of San Francisco is funding the ongoing shelter operations and some of the capital improvements necessary to make the shelter a safe and welcoming space for residents.  

San Francisco provides shelter and housing to over 15,000 homeless and formerly homeless individuals every night of which over 3,000 are in shelters. The addition of the Oasis Inn adds to the City’s shelter portfolio which has helped over 10,000 people exit homelessness since 2018.     

“Preserving special spaces like the Oasis is instrumental to build on our efforts to reduce unsheltered homelessness in the City,” said Mayor Breed. “We are proud to partner with St. Anthony Foundation and the Providence Foundation of San Francisco to continue to provide, not only a safe temporary home for these families, but also the services and resources they absolutely need”.  

Located at 900 Franklin Street, the Kaplan Family Oasis Shelter, has been used as a non-congregate family shelter since March 2020. Originally funded by private donations, operations have been funded by the City since September 2020.  Providence is partnering with HSH to continue to operate the shelter and provide case management services and St. Anthony’s will offer supplemental services to help families gain stability and self-sufficiency, including primary and specialty medical care, job training, connections to childcare, and clothing onsite.  

“This partnership to provide whole person care is a demonstration to show what’s possible when nonprofits work together with the city and partners to fill unmet needs. We’re committed to managing to result to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty for families and children,” said Nils Behnke, CEO, St. Anthony Foundation.   

"Providence Foundation of San Francisco believes that true change begins with compassion and collaboration. Our partnership with St. Anthony Foundation is a testament to our unwavering commitment to addressing homelessness and improving the lives of our most vulnerable population. Together, we’ve built more than a shelter; we’ve created hope and opportunity for those in need. Providence Foundation is deeply grateful to St. Anthony’s, Mayor London Breed, our staff, and the Western Addition community for their steadfast support. We're excited to continue our mission toward a more compassionate and equitable San Francisco," said Patricia Doyle, Executive Director, Providence Foundation of San Francisco.   

In San Francisco, an estimated 8% of people experiencing homelessness identified as being part of family with children under age 18. Additionally, 80% of unsheltered women surveyed across the country cited abuse and/or trauma as the reason they became homeless.   

“When I took office, homeless families slept on mats on the floor of the basement of a church,” said Supervisor Dean Preston. “Early on in the pandemic, we privately fundraised to move families into their own private rooms at the Oasis Inn, initially on a temporary basis, and now, thanks to the work of activists and the generosity of the Kaplan family and St. Anthony Foundation, the Oasis has been acquired permanently for homeless women and families. Words cannot describe the joy I feel with this announcement.”   

"The Kaplan Family Oasis Shelter marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to address homelessness in San Francisco, and I applaud St. Anthony’s for their collaboration with the City to get this done. This project showcases our commitment to providing essential services and support to families experiencing homelessness in our community,” said Supervisor Catharine Stefani. “It brings me joy to witness the Oasis persisting as a source of optimism, empathy, and assistance for the women and families within our community,” said Supervisor Catherine Stefani.   

San Francisco's Five-year Strategic Homeless Plan, Home by the Bay, sets a goal of cutting unsheltered homelessness in half over the next five years. This builds on the 15% reduction in unsheltered homelessness San Francisco has seen since 2019.  

“We are grateful for this opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of families experiencing homelessness,” said San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing executive director, Shireen McSpadden. “Our nonprofit partners at the Oasis understand the unique challenges faced by families who find themselves without a stable place to call home. At the Oasis, we aim to bridge the gap and offer a haven where people can find solace, security, and the necessary resources to rebuild their lives.”  

For more information on San Francisco’s five-year strategic strategy to address homelessness, please visit this page.