Rent Board
Requires that where an owner obtains an exemption from the Conditional Use Authorization requirement to remove an unauthorized unit from a qualifying single-family home, the single-family home shall be subject to the rent increase limitations of the Rent Ordinance.
AB 12 amends California Civil Code Section 1950.5 to limit the maximum security deposit for a dwelling unit to one month's rent, regardless of whether the unit is furnished or unfurnished.
A tenant can have a tenant association representative present during the meetings with the landlord. Landlords must remain in attendance at meetings of the full tenant association until the end of the meeting (up to two hours). Additional clarifying definitions have been added.
The local eviction moratorium was extended to cover rent payments that come due within 60 days after the Mayor's COVID-19 emergency proclamation ends, and to include units where the rent is controlled or regulated by the City. Since the Mayor's Proclamation of Local Emergency is scheduled to expire on June 30, 2023, these protections are extended through August 29, 2023 (60-days after June 30, 2023) but will not apply to rent payments that become due on or after August 30, 2023.