Press Release

New Reports Showcase the Condition of Parks and Other Core Public Services for San Francisco Residents

Latest data and interactive dashboards reflect the progress made and challenges the City continues to face during the post-pandemic recovery.
December 19, 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — This week, the Controller’s Office released two key reports and datasets about the performance of City services in FY23 (June 2022 to July 2023). The first, San Francisco‘s Annual Performance Results for FY23, synthesizes the most recent service delivery targets and results that City departments self-report. The second, the Park Maintenance Annual Report and interactive dashboard detail the conditions of public park features ranging from dog play areas to public restrooms. In both instances, the goal is to help City leadership make the best possible decisions about service provision, while delivering the best results for taxpayers. 

In the Annual Performance Results, the Controller’s Office provides highlights of the San Francisco Performance Scorecards, which are easy-to-understand dashboards that communicate more frequent updates on how San Francisco’s government is performing in eight service areas: Streets, Parks & Libraries; Public Health; Safety Net Services; Public Safety; Transit & Street Safety; Homelessness Response System; Sustainability & Climate Action; and Economy & Finance. City departments are responsible for developing measures that track their delivery of public services, and are encouraged to regularly refer to our Scorecards to see where their performance sits in respect to their service targets. This year’s annual report includes “In Focus” highlights around three specific programs: overdose prevention, graffiti abatement, and pothole sweeps. 

Similarly, the Parks Report and complementary dashboard are tools that — along with giving the public a way to explore helpful information — support Recreation and Park’s operational decision-making, with the ultimate goal of continuous improvement of San Francisco’s parks. This year’s Parks report again highlights data on Equity Zones, which are neighborhoods disproportionately affected by environmental health risks. High-quality parks in Equity Zones can help to mitigate these health risks. Notable highlights include: 

  • The average score for parks inside Equity Zones was 89% in FY23, unchanged from FY22.
  • Two new parks were added to San Francisco’s park system and were evaluated for the first time in FY23: Francisco Park in Russian Hill (scoring 98%) and Shoreview Park in Bayview (scoring 89%).

“You can only improve what you measure. That’s why it’s good to see positive results for our parks and libraries, continuing trends from recent years," said Controller Ben Rosenfield. "And we hope that hard data on key public safety measures, including emergency police response and 911 answering times, provides a reminder of where we need to do better as a government.” 

Since 2003, the Controller’s Office Performance Program has coordinated the collection and reporting of performance results for all City departments to monitor the level and effectiveness of public services provided by the City and County of San Francisco.