Mayor's Office of Housing and Community Development releases budget priorities for next two fiscal years

Agency invites the public to submit comments by emailing by Wednesday, February 3.
January 26, 2021

Last year the Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development (MOHCD) was funded by a number of sources including the Housing Trust Fund, bond financing, federal grants and the City’s general fund. Approximately 65% of MOHCD’s budget is either self-supporting (housing impact fees, bonds, etc.) or charter mandated (Housing Trust Fund), not discretionary general fund. The majority of MOHCD funding from the general fund is granted by the Community Development Division to nonprofit organizations. We invested approximately $45 million from the general fund to 122 organizations in FY 2019-2020.

The following general fund budget priorities will be implemented in accordance with the MOHCD Consolidated Plan Theory of Change objectives and target populations, approved in 2020.

•    Families and individuals are stably housed
•    Communities at risk of displacement are stabilized

Target Populations 
•    Extremely low income and very low-income populations
•    Households with barriers to access opportunities
•    Households at risk of displacement 
•    Households experiencing a legacy of exclusion
•    Households destabilized by systemic trauma 

MOHCD Budget Priorities 
1.    Anti-displacement

  • Eviction prevention programs are at the forefront of our priorities.
  • Protect vulnerable residents from the legal and economic shocks that could impact their ability to remain housed, through rental assistance, eviction prevention programs, and supportive and transitional housing.
  • HOPE SF - the Nation's first large scale reparations effort to transform San Francisco’s most distressed public housing sites into vibrant and healthy communities.

2.    Housing Opportunities for Vulnerable Communities

  • Continue to develop and maintain accessible and affordable housing including an expansion of our affordable housing portfolio and pipeline.  
  • Broaden access to housing opportunities through DAHLIA, and more specifically to opportunities close to home through neighborhood preference and community-based housing counseling services. 

3.    Housing stabilization 

  • Continuation of strong partnerships with community-based organizations who have deep ties to the communities they serve, in an effort to distribute targeted financial assistance that ensures housing stability.   
  • Distribution of incoming federal funds that will expand the existing Give2SF Housing Stabilization Program 

4.     Increase the capacity of our organization to realize our mission

MOHCD is accepting public comment on our budget priorities.  To submit comments, please email by Wednesday, February 3.

MOHCD, in conjunction with the Office of the Mayor, will be holding a virtual public meeting to solicit input on our proposed budget submission on Monday, February 8 at 3pm.  To join the meeting, please follow the link:   Each member of the public shall have the opportunity for two minutes of public comment at the meeting and will be able to provide written comments before, during, or after the meeting by emailing