Mayor London Breed on Black History Month

Mayor Breed issues statement on Black History Month
February 01, 2023

“Today, as we kick off Black History Month, we are given the opportunity to celebrate the legacy of African American heroes and reflect on the many contributions they have made to San Francisco and our entire country. 

Our City is no stranger to the powerful influence of Black leaders and their lasting impacts. With this year’s theme of Black Resistance, we must remember to honor those who tirelessly fought for the very freedoms we have today and use the strength of their spirit to recommit ourselves to resisting injustices that keep us from moving forward. 

From San Francisco trailblazers like one of America’s first black woman millionaires, Mary Ellen Pleasant, who made her mark on the world by working on the Underground Railroad and using her own money to help fund the abolitionist efforts to end the mistreatment of African Americans. To Leola King, known as the ‘Queen of the Fillmore,’ who was the first woman of color to own a nightclub in the Bay Area and sparked revolutionary change when she refused to let the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency bulldoze the iconic Blue Mirror and the rest of our beloved Western Addition without a fight. 

These leaders were nothing short of resilience, strength, and bravery as they fought back against the status quo and demanded change. We must continue to build on their powerful legacy and commit ourselves to the work we have to do. Even today, as we still fight to break down the barriers to equality, to equity, and justice. The challenges and adversities we face give us the opportunity to create the change we need to uplift our community.

In San Francisco, we will continue to make important investments that build long-term sustainability and lasting change for the Black community. As we celebrate those who came before us, let us recommit ourselves to upholding their values of justice and equal rights for all people. Not just this month, but year-round.”