Mayor London Breed on the Arson Incident of an Autonomous Vehicle

Mayor Breed's statement regarding the arson incident of an autonomous vehicle this past weekend
February 12, 2024

“Saturday was a beautiful day in San Francisco. During the first day of the Lunar New Year, our Chinatown community was packed with thousands of people out in the streets and celebrations everywhere that represent the best of who we are as a City. I was proud to be out in Chinatown, seeing the families, the seniors, and our entire city come together to celebrate the hope for what lies ahead in the coming year.   

“Later that night, in an isolated incident in the same area, a group of people burned and destroyed an autonomous vehicle. It was a dangerous and destructive act of vandalism. Chinatown is one of the densest neighborhoods in San Francisco, and any fire could explode and spread among tightly packed buildings to endanger lives, homes and businesses. Thank you to our San Francisco Fire Department for their quick response. Our San Francisco Police Department is investigating this case right now. It was an unacceptable act that has no place in our city, and we will work to hold those who committed it accountable.    

“It’s important in these moments that we both condemn acts of vandalism, but also not lose sight of who we are as a city. We are a city that treasures celebrations like Lunar New Year that honor our cultural heritage and diverse communities. We are a city that is home to exciting, emerging technologies, like autonomous vehicles, that are changing the world. We are a city that is rich in culture, ideas, and pride. We are not defined by a small, isolated incident by a reckless few – we are defined by the rich, vibrant communities, like the ones who came together Saturday in Chinatown to celebrate the best of who we are.”