Mayor Breed Announces Next Steps in Ongoing Shelter Expansion with New Safe Parking and Cabin Hybrid Site

Site on Jerrold Avenue will provide shelter for up to 95 individuals experiencing homelessness as part of City’s continued effort to expand shelter
November 14, 2023

San Francisco, CA -- Today Mayor London N. Breed introduced legislation to open a new Safe Parking and Cabin site that will offer a safe and secure shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. This new site located at 2177 Jerrold Avenue, which would be called the Commons, will offer 60 cabins and 20 safe parking slots, serving up to 95 individuals at a time.   

The legislation introduced today by the Mayor at the Board of Supervisors meeting will allow the City to lease the property. Referrals to the site will be made through the Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing’s centralized guest placement team and will prioritize people experiencing homelessness in District 10.  

This site is part of an ongoing expansion of shelter that includes six hundred beds that were funded in the last budget. San Francisco provides shelter and housing to nearly 16,000 homeless and formerly homeless individuals every night of which over 3,000 are in shelters. Over the last five years, the City has increased shelter capacity by over 50%. During that same time, San Francisco has helped over 10,000 people exit homelessness.    

“We are continuing to provide new solutions to both house people and provide temporary shelter that helps them move off the street,” said Mayor London Breed. “This latest project is part of our efforts to prioritize helping people in District 10, which we know experiences a significant amount of homelessness compared to the rest of the City. This is how we make a difference for those living on our streets and for our neighborhoods who want to see clean and safe streets for all.”    

"In District 10 we don't just talk about providing shelter and preventing people from living on the streets, we actually provide places for people to go. This is another example of our commitment, with HSH, to connect people to services and prevent homelessness," said Supervisor Walton. "This is a first of its kind place, providing accommodations for people living in vehicles, and providing tiny cabin homes for the unhoused at the same site. This will have a positive impact in community, prioritizing individuals who need shelter in the area first."  

“We are excited to introduce a new Safe Parking and Cabin shelter project, The Commons, for people experiencing homelessness in San Francisco,” said San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing Executive Director, Shireen McSpadden. “This innovative solution demonstrates our continued commitment to diversify the city’s shelter portfolio and explore creative solutions to homelessness that provide a dignified, supportive and compassionate environment, empowering people and providing a hopeful pathway out of homelessness.”  

A July count found 1,058 vehicles with unhoused people in San Francisco with 507 occupied vehicles in District 10. The Commons is a significant step toward addressing the need for additional shelter in San Francisco. With the opening of this site people experiencing homelessness will have access to a safe and stable environment, fostering a sense of community and providing an opportunity to access a range of services.   

The site, 3.25 acres located in close proximity to essential services and public transportation, will accommodate 20 safe parking slots and 60 cabins. Cabins will be equipped with amenities such as electricity, heating, furniture and a locked door. Additionally, the site will feature: 24/7 staffing, two meals per day, showers, wi-fi, bike racks and community space promoting social interaction and a sense of belonging. 

Recognizing that homelessness is a complex issue, The Commons will also emphasize comprehensive support services to guests. Onsite case managers will provide personalized assistance, with 1:25 staff to client ratio, connecting individuals with vital resources and healthcare services to ensure a successful transition out of homelessness.