Haircuts and other personal care services allowed outdoors under new health directive

Customers must wear a face covering while getting the service. Reopening businesses must have safety requirements in place.
September 01, 2020

New health directives allow for more services to operate. 

These businesses must have a Social Distancing Protocol and a Health and Safety Plan. Both plans must be in place before the business can reopen. See all guidelines for operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some personal care services can operate outdoors

Services that can reopen include:

  • Haircuts
  • Nail salons
  • Skincare
  • Massage 

Personal care services that involve needles are not allowed. These include tattoos, piercing, electrology, microblading, or permanent makeup. 

Hair services that involve rinsing out the hair are not allowed. These include shampooing, color, and chemical treatments.

Services where customers must take off their face coverings are not allowed. This includes shaving and trimming beards.

What customers can expect

You must make an appointment and arrive alone. Children and people who need support can come with their caregivers. Walk-in services are not allowed. 

Appointments may take longer. You can only get one service per appointment. Staff should not work with more than one customer at a time. 

Check your health before you go out. If you feel sick, reschedule your appointment. You should not pay a cancellation fee.

You must wear face coverings during the entire appointment. You cannot eat or drink while you are getting a service. For haircuts, you should wear face coverings with earloops. 

Wash your own hair before your appointment. You may be asked to blow dry your own hair at home.

Everyone must stay 6 feet apart, except when providing the service or paying.

You may not enter the business, unless you use the restroom, buy items, or walk through to get to the outdoor service area. 

Businesses must follow guidelines for physical distancing and hygiene

Follow state and local regulations.

You must set up your outdoor service in a space controlled by a licensed business. You can set up tents. Make sure air can flow freely. No more than one side can be closed.

Do not block streets or sidewalks. You can apply to use the sidewalk, parking lane, or a private lot for your business.

Make sure everyone can stay 6 feet apart. Set up chairs and stations at least 6 feet apart. You can use plexiglass dividers to protect customers and workers.

If you use fans, place them so that air doesn’t blow from one customer’s space to another.

Everyone must wear face coverings. You should not provide a service where the customer has to take their face covering off.

Have workers only serve one customer at a time. Do not offer food or drink to customers.

Disinfect all items and stations between customers, including linens. You can also use disposable items.

Workers who touch customers must wear new disposable gloves between customers. These businesses include estheticians, nail salons, and massages.

See detailed guidance

Reopening guidance for personal care services from the Department of Public Health.

General guidance about operating a business during the coronavirus pandemic.