DT Fiber to Housing Program Receives SPUR Good Government Award

SPUR recognizes public managerial excellence and Good Government around the Bay Area every year. In 2023, the Department of Technology's work on the Fiber to Housing program was recognized!
February 22, 2023

This year, the Department of Technology (DT) nominated two teams to receive the SPUR Good Government award for Public Managerial Excellence. Last year, DT was honored for supporting San Francisco's pandemic response efforts.

SPUR recently announced that our Fiber to Housing team were among the recipients for this year's award. 

The Fiber to Housing (FTH) Program currently provides free, low-cost internet to over 8,000 units across 57 locations in San Francisco. This critical work kept thousands of children and young adults connected when schools went online and all learning was remote. 

Although supply chain challenges have slowed down the FTH, it has not stopped the team. Because of their flexibility and effective planning, the team expects to bring another 5,700 units online before the end of the fiscal year, increasing the total inventory of connected units by over 40%!

This essential work also depends on collaboration with the Mayor's Office on Housing and Community Development, various community business organizations, and the San Francisco Housing Authority. The Department of Technology is excited to receive this recognition, and will continue to bridge the digital divide and expand access to technology for all!

The other nominees are viewable on SPUR's page, as well as tickets for the April 12 ceremony!