Dental care and elective surgeries allowed under new health order

Dentists and providers of elective surgeries must have a Health and Safety plan in place.
May 20, 2020

The Department of Public Health has released new conditions that will allow some routine medical appointments, if providers have in place specific safety requirements. 

You can get regular dental care, like teeth cleaning. You can also schedule elective surgeries. 

Check for any new symptoms before you visit your provider. You may be asked to get tested for COVID-19, depending on what you need to get done.

Contact your healthcare provider to see what services they are providing.

See other tips about getting healthcare during the coronavirus pandemic.

Providers need to follow certain health and safety rules

In general:

  • Post signage about the Public Health Orders (download flyers from our outreach toolkit)
  • Provide hand sanitizer for patients
  • Require patients and staff to wear face coverings, or PPE if needed
  • Have patients screen their health before and during the visit
  • Have workers screen their health daily
  • Place chairs in waiting areas 6 feet apart
  • Remove shared items from waiting areas, like magazines
  • Report if patients or staff test positive for COVID-19
  • Follow the Public Health directives, which contain a Health and Safety Plan

Download Public Health directives

For dentists

For elective surgeries