Press Release

Controller’s Office Releases Annual Performance Results on City’s Public Services

Report summarizes the delivery of resident services in San Francisco between July 2021 and June 2022.
December 05, 2022

The City Performance Unit of the Controller’s Office has released San Francisco‘s Annual Performance Results for FY22. The information we gather and analyze in this report is shared with City leadership so that they can make the best possible decisions about service provision, while delivering the best results for taxpayers.

The report provides highlights of the San Francisco Performance Scorecards, which are easy-to-understand dashboards that communicate more frequent updates on how San Francisco’s government is performing in nine service areas: Public Health, Livability, Safety Net, Public Safety, Homelessness, Transportation, Environment, Economy, and Finance. City departments are responsible for developing measures that track their delivery of public services. Departments then self-report the targets and results to the Performance Program for compilation. The most recent service delivery targets and results are summarized in this report. This year we’ve included “In Focus” cards that highlight ongoing work around three specific programs — Vision Zero, Mental Health SF, and Clean Streets — and connect readers with additional resources to do a deeper dive.

Since 2003, the Controller’s Office Performance Program has coordinated the collection and reporting of performance results for all City departments to monitor the level and effectiveness of public services provided by the City and County of San Francisco. Because much of the Controller’s core performance monitoring and data visualization work was put on hold during the City’s COVID-19 response, this is the first Annual Performance Report since December 2019. Readers will see that metrics in several of the highlighted service areas reflect the continued impact of COVID-19 on the City’s response to the public health emergency, the effects of the economic impact and recovery, and the delivery and use of public services.

“We aim to provide something that’s a useful snapshot of our performance as a city,” said Controller Ben Rosenfield. “Data helps to tell a more thorough story about complicated issues – especially when anecdotes don’t always capture the complete picture. I hope agencies and departments across the City will see their many successes reflected in the data we’ve helped summarize, and more clearly recognize where there’s more work to be done.”   

In between annual reports, policy makers are encouraged to regularly monitor and refer to our Scorecards to see where their performance currently sits in respect to their service targets.


The Controller’s Office will be releasing the following data products in the months ahead:

January 2023: Park Maintenance Standards

Explore annual maintenance ratings of every local park in San Francisco and see how they compare.


Spring 2023: City Survey

Learn what San Franciscans think about our City.


Spring 2023: Street and Sidewalk Standards

See the results of our surveys conducted throughout the City during the year to glean the condition of our streets and sidewalks.