Changes to the cannabis permit process due to COVID-19

Community outreach meetings must be conducted virtually. Eligible applicants may coordinate their Part 2 Office of Cannabis inspection by contacting the OOC.
June 17, 2020

To delay the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have changed how applicants can conduct their community outreach meeting. Our staff will be following the stay home order

Community outreach meetings must be conducted virtually

Applicants can hold their community meetings virtually.

Property owners and tenants within 300 feet of the proposed business must be notified about this meeting.

Applicants may have additional neighborhood notification requirements to comply with, for the Planning Department. If you are not sure, you can email

Resources for businesses and employees

Cannabis businesses are deemed essential and cannabis industry employees may schedule an appointment to get tested for COVID-19

San Francisco published best practices and public health guidance for businesses operating during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Office of Economic Workforce Development also has resources for businesses and employees impacted by COVID-19. 

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