Businesses may apply to use public space in June

The City announced Shared Spaces, a new program for more flexible use of sidewalks, streets, and other public spaces for neighborhood businesses. Applications will open in mid-June.
May 27, 2020

We are reopening San Francisco in a phased and measured approach to help keep all residents safe and healthy. As part of the reopening, the City plans to allow outdoor dining and most retail to resume on June 15.

In mid-June neighborhood businesses may apply to use sidewalks, streets, or other nearby parks and plazas for curbside pickup, neighborhood retail activity, and outdoor restaurant dining once it is allowed under the Health Order.

Social distancing will likely continue until there is a vaccine for the coronavirus. By using outdoor public spaces, businesses can provide space for their employees and customers to stay 6 feet apart.

Businesses and local merchant associations will be able to apply for a free, expedited permit to share sidewalk or curbside space for table dining or retail activity. In order to take advantage of this, businesses must self-manage safety and accessibility requirements like ensuring a clear path for pedestrians.

Applications to use a portion or entirety of the street or nearby parks will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Business owners are encouraged to collaborate with neighboring businesses and residents to craft a plan for use of the street or park that works for everyone.

Apply to use sidewalk or parking lane space for your business.

See the full press release.