MOHCD annual lender training

Every year, participating lenders must attend training and pay a fee. During training, MOHCD staff will review our homeownership programs and go over recent program updates.

What to do

Requirements for all lenders

  • You will take a test on the material covered during training.
  • Provide MOHCD your NMLS ID#.
  • Sign the appropriate lender agreement
  • Pay your fee.
    • Only one fee per lending institution is needed.
    • The annual lender renewal fee is lower than the initial fee to participate.
    • These fees are updated every fiscal year, increasing by about 2%.
    • See current lender participation fees »
  • Contact MOHCD for a password to the Lender Portal.

Additional information for Mixed-Income Below Market Rate (BMR) Program lenders

  • MOHCD will place a second lien against the BMR property, referred to as the “BMR lien.”
    • This lien is the difference between the fair market value and the BMR sales price.
  • MOHCD requires Title Insurance for the BMR lien.
  • Be aware that restrictions in an Inclusionary Housing unit survives foreclosure.

Last updated February 27, 2023